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Leaf Protection Products – Gutter Guard

When it comes to gutter guards there are a number of different leaf protection systems on the market. We install most types of gutter guards. There are two leaf protection products that standout from the rest and are highly recommended gutter guard products. The products are listed below:

Gutter Protection Systems

Colorbond Steel Mesh Gutter Guards

product_1Gutter Protection Systems specialises in quality COLORBOND® steel-mesh gutter guards to suit most roof types. The unique 3-dimensional design is protected by patent.

The Gutter Protection Systems 3D gutter guard features a raised profile mesh that is designed to help leaves and twigs to slide over its surface and off the roof, keeping gutters clear and less of a fire risk.

When rainwater hits that same raised profile, it disrupts the water’s natural surface tension, causing it to break down and redirecting the flow down into the gutters. This is the Ripple Effect.

Blue Mountain Mesh Gutter Guard

Unprotected gutters require constant cleaning, this can be time consuming, and is also potentially unsafe.

Blue Mountain Mesh gutter protection prevents leaves, unwanted wildlife and debris from entering or accumulating in the gutter system – this significantly improves the overall safety and performance of your gutter system.

No gutter protection system is completely maintenance free; you will still need to check your gutters regularly and flush out the sludge that can damage your gutters if not cleaned out.

Blocked gutters can lead to flooding, causing extensive damage to roof and ceiling areas, walls and floors, and destroying precious home contents.

They can also lead to pest infestation and pose a fire risk due to a build up of debris in the gutters.

Install Blue Mountain Mesh gutter guards and greatly reduce the number of times you’ll need to clean your gutters.

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High grade steel 3D gutter guards designed and manufactured by Gutter Protection Systems
product_2Gutter Protection Systems has developed a 3D contouring method that moulds the mesh to the exact measurements and shape of your roofing material, ensuring that there is no gap between the roof and fascia. This secures your roofline at gutter level, preventing access to vermin like birds, snakes and possums that may otherwise nest in your ceiling. This is a very real Australian problem – one that can be solved efficiently and effectively with high grade steel 3D gutter guards designed and manufactured by Gutter Protection Systems.

We can install Gutter Protection Systems COLORBOND® steel mesh gutter guards in just hours. The steel gutter guards are pre-shaped at our factory for faster installation. On-site, the installers simply lay down the contoured steel lengths, screw them in place, and silicone the edges to seal them. It’s the most efficient and cost-effective installation system on the market.

It’s important to know that we never compromise the integrity of your roof by lifting the roofing material (this can damage roofing clips on tiled roofs) during installation. Gutter Protection Systems fast installation process works particularly well for tiled roofs in Queensland where cyclones are a real threat and roofing must be secured.

Leaf Free Gutter Guard



Leaf Free Gutter GuardTM is one of the best gutter protection systems available. It excludes leaves and debris from roofs, gutters, valleys and downpipes by creating a “ski-slope”.

The product is UV resistant and anti-corrosive, the small aperture mesh has the highest CSIRO flammability index rating & a patented high bond adhesive to make installation secure, hasslefree and fast.

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  • Product is guaranteed for 15 years* from date of installation
  • It is made of high grade aluminium
  • It offers a combination of durability, high fire resistance and aesthetics. Suitable for moderate fire danger areas
  • The fine woven mesh is available in a range of Colourbond ® colours to match existing roofing
  • The fine woven mesh also inhibits pine needles and other small debris from entering the gutters
  • It excludes leaves and debris from roofs, gutters, valleys and downpipes by creating a “ski-slope”
  • The UV resistant, anti-corrosive, small aperture mesh has the highest CSIRO flammability index rating
  • There is no drilling holes and no brackets or screws as with many inferior systems
  • It uses a patented high bond adhesive to make installation secure, therefore not voiding your roof warranty


Gutta Filta



A highly effective gutter guard which has been successfully installed to many homes.

Leaf protection products are a time saver and can provide a level of safety, reducing the risk of combustion from flammable materials such as leaves trapped in the gutters.

This product has some unique benefits, some of which are listed below. We would be pleased to assist you with selecting the best product for your gutters.


  • Keeps Gutters clear Guaranteed
  • UV Stable
  • Flame Retardant
  • Vermin Resistant
  • Prevents overflowing without affecting water flow
  • 12 month money back guarantee from manufacturer (subject to conditions)
  • 7 Year Product manufacturers warranty (subject to conditions)

Sunstate Roofing Services are certified installers for both the Gutter Filta and Leaf Free gutter protection products.

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Gutter Guard

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