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High Pressure Roof Cleaning

Using a High Pressure Water Blaster & Whirlaway we can clean your roof and gutters to near new condition.


The Whirlaway is a powerful solution to roof cleaning.

Benefiting from a range of highly professional specifications, the Whirlaway can be used with cold or hot water, with pressures up to 240 bar – more than enough to tackle even the filthiest roof, leaving a uniformly clean surface every time.

What makes the Whirlaway so efficient?

The secret is in the Whirlaway’s remarkable, high-tec, engineering features – a specially designed rotary head and angled nozzle system, which combine to provide a powerful cleaning spray.


A Powerful And Lightweight High Pressure Cleaner.

Whirlaway’s immensely strong, yet lightweight cover is designed to protect the operator and reduce over spray, whilst allowing dirty water & debris to escape quickly, ensuring a complete cleaning job.

Excess dirt, mould and grime is removed from both tile and metal roofs.

When clean, the roof is sprayed with an anti bacterial mould inhibitor to help prevent mould from respawning.

A full harness setup is used on any required or high pitched roofing.

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Gutter Guard

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